About Us

Eddie Coetzee’s Auction World, an established auction house since 1978, was founded by the charismatic Eddie Coetzee.

In 2006 André and Samantha Bates bought Eddie Coetzee’s Auction World. With 20 years of experience in the buying and auctioneering market, André and Samantha are the ideal owners for the business. Their knowledge, experience and hands-on management style have taken the business to new levels and made a very impressive mark in the auctioneering industry.

Eddie Coetzee’s Auction World is one of the largest auction houses in the Western Cape. We auction approximately 5000 lots per month. Our large premises in Paarden Eiland is the ideal venue for such a huge
turnover of goods. This allows us to offer our buyers a wide selection of quality goods on auction.

We at Eddie Coetzee’s Auction World pride ourselves on the variety of goods we auction. Our auction staff understand this dynamic, fast-paced environment and are always willing to go the extra mile to help, thereby better understanding our customers' needs. Our auctions include, but are not limited to:

- Furniture, Appliances, Household Fixtures and Fittings
- Smalls and Bric-a-Brac
- Builders, Industrial and Garage Equipment

Catering and Restaurant Supplies

- Wholesale and Quantity Goods

Antiques, Collectables and Fine Art

The services we offer are as diverse as the goods we auction. In our years of experience we have come to understand that customers’ requirements are broad. For this reason we have tailored our services accordingly, to meet the needs of everyone.

On-Site Auctions
Our company auctions goods on behalf of Deceased Estates and Businesses. We do on-site auctions of household contents for Deceased Estates, Engineering Firms and Businesses. We arrange the advertising, mail drops, on-site viewing and the auctioning of the goods.
Emigrating / Relocating
Should you be emigrating or relocating and wish to sell excess goods, we would be able to handle your entire household contents, giving you the advantage of having all your goods placed in one auction, rather than having to keep track of the numerous places that have your goods.
At Eddie Coetzee’s Auction World, everyone is welcome to attend the auctions, whether you are a seasoned buyer or a novice. For the buyer who has viewed and selected an item on auction but is unable to attend the actual auction, we have a facility whereby you can give us a price for the item and we will bid on your behalf.
We have facilities offering sellers various options. A seller can contact us with goods they have for sale, and one of our representatives will go out to meet with the seller and buy the goods. Alternatively, a seller can bring their goods to our warehouse and place it on auction. Should a seller not be able to transport the goods to the auction, we are able to provide transport at a nominal fee.
At Eddie Coetzee’s Auction World, we welcome the General Public, Dealers and Flea Market Traders. We replace the formality usually associated with auctions with a more relaxed family atmosphere. Our warehouse is a wonderful place to browse and discover hidden treasures in a relaxed environment.